Congratulations on buying a TapouT Mouthguard. TapouT Mouthguards were designed by doctors, dentists and professional athletes with today’s fiercest competitors in mind. Enclosed are instructions and additional information about one of the industry’s best warranties available. So, play hard, and always “Watch Your Mouth!”

TapouT Mouthguard Fitting Instructions. Fitting instructions are the same for athletes that have and do not have braces:

1. Moisten easy-clip strap & guide into the hole on the front of the mouthguard. Make sure to see the whole “lock button” is in place by viewing from the bottom side of the mouthguard. Dangle from the top of the strap to test the lock. Only use the strap if you intend to use it after the boil and bite process. 

2. Bring 3”- 4” of water to a rolling boil in a sauce pan, and have a cup of cold water 
standing by.

3. Set a timer for 29 seconds.

4. Hold by the top of the strap furthest away from the mouthguard. Carefully lower mouthguard into the boiling water and continue to hold for 29 seconds. DO NOT EXCEED 29 SECONDS. Remove from boiling water.

5. Quickly dunk mouthguard into the cup of cold water for 2 seconds. Immediately place mouthguard back into the boiling water for 19 seconds. Remove from boiling water.

6. Quickly dunk mouthguard into a cup of water warm water for 1 second. Then place the mouthguard immediately into your mouth.

7. Make sure all teeth are within mouthguard walls. Bite down, sinking top and bottom teeth into mouthguard. Suck, and use fingers to shape mouthguard around teeth.

8. To ensure your TapouT smile logo looks great, avoid rubbing or scratching the TapouT logo during the fitting process. Also avoid tugging on the strap, as the heat will have temporarily weakened the lock.

9. After fitting the mouthguard, place it in a cup of cold water for an additional 11 seconds to set the fit.

10. Our Ever-Mold Technology enables this mouthguard to be re-boiled to achieve your perfect fit if it was not achieved the first time. 

11. Braces – To maintain your perfect fit, re-boil after each tightening of your braces.
Note: It is recommended you use the Easy-Clip strap for the fitting process if you intend to use the strap, however you may use a slotted spoon to lower and raise the mouthguard in and out of the boiling water if you are not using a strap. Do not use tongs, pliers or any other tool that may pinch or misshape the mouthguard.